Our Services: Roof Leaks & roof repairs

Service Call Requests

Is your roof leaking? Do you have third party damage to your roof? Are your roof drains and gutters clogged causing water to overflow? Have roof leaks and need roof repairs ASAP? Call or email us today so we can send you a service call request and get you scheduled right away. With the extent of repairs needed and unknown in most cases we will send you a 'Not to Exceed' contract, allowing us to repair what is necessary to keep your roof dry and your valuables safe. This NTE amount is based off of the information and details you provide combined with our professional roofing knowledge and brings you peace of mind knowing we will NOT exceed the allowed amount approved by you.

Service Proposals

Are you undergoing a remodel? Installing plumbing and electrical pipes or HVAC units? It is imperative that they are flashed in properly ensuring a watertight seal. Perhaps you have extensive repairs and need an exact bid to get the approval you need from your team. Contact us today to get a lump sum service proposal with a detailed scope of work to keep your roof protected and your inside valuables dry. Don't know the extent of the work needed? No problem! We can send you a T&M service proposal that will directly invoice you for only the time and materials used to accomplish the work you need done. Not really sure what you need? We would be happy to perform a job walk with you today!

Maintenance Agreements & Inspections

Do you know the condition of your roof? If not, we are happy to provide you with a simple inspection report outlining the overall condition of your roof to a full detailed inspection report with pictures and a customized plan moving forward. Do you want to preserve the life of your roof and maintain your roofs condition? Great! We can customize a maintenance agreement to fit your roofing needs. Let's get started today!