Our General Scope of work

Roof Services Provided by C&M

C&M Roof Services, LLC specializes in finding and repairing leaks on all flat roof types and areas.

C&M Roof Services is qualified to perform all roof repairs such as, but not limited to, open seams, joint failure, defective welds and seams, punctures, rips and tears, hail damage, pitch pan shrinkage, tenting, correction of previous repair failure done by others, improper installations and repairs, vent caps, receding fasteners, duct work, scuppers, drains and gutters.

C&M will perform roof repairs on all flat roofs, low sloped and slightly pitched roofs.

C&M can perform shingle and tile roof repairs on a case by case basis.

C&M will NOT perform any repairs on  steep pitched roofs or warrantable repairs defined as non- chargeable to C&M Roof Services, LLC for installation deficiencies, done by others, while your roof is still under warranty by another roofer. We will only perform chargeable repairs such as third party damage on warrantied roofs.

C&M performs maintenance work such as, but not limited to, removal of tree debris, garbage, objects on the roof and leaves.

C&M resets and provides new roof drains and coats voids in roof drains and drain rings.

C&M will clean out drains and gutters removing leaves and debris.

C&M will flash in any size penetration(s) located on any level of the roof for any and all roof types.

C&M will install new pipe boots for any and all roof types that are located on any level of the roof, per manufacturer specifications.

C&M will flash in any size curb on any roof type located on any level of the roof.

The sides of the curbs will be insulated prior to the installation of the roofing membrane. C&M will provide insulation, as needed. 

NOTE: All curbs/penetrations are to be located, placed, and installed by others.

C&M will watertight existing and non existing pipe boots.

C&M will install pitch pans, fill them with sand and sealant, and then flash per the manufacturer’s specifications.

C&M performs inspections that range from simple to complex. Prices vary depending on roof size.

All work performed as part of any service agreement will keep the existing roofing warranty, if any, in force.

Any additional work required that is not specifically included in a proposal  or bid will be charged on a time and material basis per man hour, plus materials, which will not be marked up more than 15%.

Lump Sum Service Proposals and bids with a Contract Amount are based upon information provided by you/the representative/owner/contractor, or C&M Roof Services LLC if we are required to perform a jobwalk, and is subject to change if the information provided to C&M is determined  to be inaccurate.

C&M will perform job walks and consultations at no cost and provide free estimates and bids.

C&M will document the work completed and will include “before and after” photos with the invoice.

Contract Amounts include all labor, materials, and the incidentals to accomplish the proposed work.

All repairs made will be inspected for completeness and quality.

C&M will inspect and report on the roof condition at the property address in your invoice.

No warranty beyond our typical Service Guarantee is being offered for any project, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon.

C&M will provide a general overall roof inspection on every service call providing you with our recommendations, and cost for repairs, if applicable.

C&M shall remove all surplus, waste, trash and debris arising from the performance of the Services and shall leave the jobsite in an orderly, neat and clean condition upon completion of the Services.

C&M offers several options and contracts for your service needs such as service call requests with NTE amounts and Lump Sum Service Proposals for extensive repairs or T&M Service Proposals for extensive repairs with unknown elements to all customers.

C&M will be responsible for procuring and maintaining all permits, licenses and similar requirements, as needed and if applicable.

C&M Roof Services, LLC will provide proof of their workers compensation insurance covering the employees performing services on your roof prior to the start date. 

C&M Roof Services, LLC will maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance with coverage limits of atleast $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. Such General Liability Insurance policy will include a blanket coverage endorsement which will include your company or property named as an additional insured by virtue of the contractual relationship provided. Certificates evidencing such required insurance shall be delivered prior to any work being performed.    

 If contracted with C&M Roof Services as a preferred customer you are approving the cost for repairs to be charged on a time & materials basis per man hour from our office in Evans, CO, plus the cost of materials used. Mark-up on materials will not exceed 15%. If the repairs are extensive and cannot be completed within these limits or an amount specified by you, you will be notified and a written service proposal will be provided for approval, upon your request. If contracted by both parties, you will become a preferred customer with priority dispatching and discounted rates. 

C&M Roof Services, LLC is on call and available 24/7. We have an emergency line that is monitored 24/7.   As a preferred customer all you have to do to request a service call is email roofers@cmservices.us or call the office at (970) 686-1125 and you will be immediately scheduled. No further signed agreement and contract  is necessary, having no delay in getting a technician out to you immediately.